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Google Books - full text will be available on-line ($125m paid to settle class action and set up Book Rights Registry to distribute royalties - Google to keep 37% cut of all transactions.)

Quality newspapers going Tabloid (metropolitan areas only?)

Public Service Broadcasting - Ofcom review

UK government review of Television Licence fees (which currently funds the BBC)

NY Times publishes pages of translated articles in weekend editions of Le Monde and El País

Free sheets (Metro launched in New York, Bordeaux [May 2004] and UK regional cities)



Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

Cross Media Publishing

Digital Print

bulletRead "The potential of Digital Print" on Strategy Page

e-paper  (also known as: digital paper, electronic ink)

bulletRead "Stop the presses! Roll out the e-papers"

Digital TV

bulletincluding: Free-to-Air (BBC-led), and government policy to switch off analogue TV

PVRs [Personal Video Recorders] and personalised TV schedules

Digital Asset Management


bulletCyber-terrorism, viruses/worms, denial-of-service attacks, fraud

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

Utility Computing

bulletrenting computing power and software applications as a commodity (akin to utilities like gas, electricty and water).

Broadband and ubiquitous Internet access

bulletresponsiveness, viable audio and video and "always on", leading to  changing audience behaviour).

Mobile and Wireless computing (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G)

bulletnew publishing channels?

Open Source Software (Linux, Apache, Mozilla, GNU)


Business issues

Online profitability (Online revenues, Production efficiencies)

Classified Advertising migrating to web?

Round-the-clock publishing

IPR / Digital Rights Management [DRM]


Outsourcing (inc. Offshore outsourcing)

Continuing decline in newspaper readership

CRM [Customer Relationship Management]

bulletlimited knowledge of readers