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I can provide the following services either personally, or through organisations with which I am associated, or by marshalling a team of experienced professionals from my network of contacts:   Fluent in French

Flag of Spain Spanish speaking


bulletStrategic advice - helping to form a strategy, or reviewing and refining the existing one
bulletResearch and writing strategic white papers on a given topic (eg. Cross-media publishing)
bulletIndependent review of projects, change programmes or management issues.
bulletHelp construct a business case and with budgeting.
bulletDocumentation (Technical, marketing, press releases, web sites, corporate communications, etc.)

Projects and Business Change Programmes:

bulletSystems integration
bullet     ->   Integration partner of Quasar Technologies in Madrid
bulletContract management of projects and business change programmes
bulletProject team structure and organisation
bulletProject Justification - Benefits analysis, construction of business case.
bulletProject review
bulletRequirements gathering
bulletSelection process
bulletSolution design

Journalism and Professional Authoring:

bulletWriter in UK National Press (Financial Times, Capital magazine, European Business Forum, quoted in The Economist) See Publications
bulletCo-author of report for United Nations (UNIDO) on technology and developing countries
bulletCorporate white papers
bulletDocumentation (Technical, marketing, press releases, web sites, corporate communications, etc.)

Public speaking:

bulletExperienced Public Speaker (Congrés de la Presse, Bordeaux (in French); Cardiff University School of Journalism; Print Industry Research Association)
bullet    See Publications