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"Tomorrow's News" - the results of my strategic research in 1999 published as a book by the board of Financial Times and widely distributed within the organisation.


Financial Times 1 Dec 2004 Avoiding Identity Crises DOI applications
Financial Times 17 Nov 2004 Getting a Handle on data DOI technology
Financial Times 31 March 2004 Stop The Presses! Roll out the e-papers Front page of FT IT section. On digital paper and its likely impact on newspapers.
European Business Forum January 2004 Binary Broadsheeting Technologies and events that will impact the newspaper industry.
Financial Times 2 April 2001 Electronic Newspapers: Quest for digital 'paper' and 'ink'
Creative Business (FT) 4 March 2001 Do online divisions have any value or future?  
Financial Times 21 Feb, 2001 Public access to health records: "New services will keep eye on security"
bulletProvisions of HIPAA Act in USA
Techniques such as fingerprint and iris recognition will help ensure confidentiality, but there is debate over the costs
Financial Times 7 Feb 2001 Multilingual websites widen the way to a new online world
Financial Times 7 Feb 2001
Side-bar: Non-Roman alphabet
Financial Times 4 Oct, 2000 Broadband: Cross Currents in a Torrent of Data The promise of digital TV and other potential of broadband
Financial Times 4 Oct 2000 Applications from anywhere Access to software via the internet
Financial Times 6 Sept, 2000 Social Intelligence: Switched-on PCs will mind your manners "Artificial Etiquette" - building social intelligence into machine interactions with humans
Financial Times 6 Dec 2000 Biometrics: Human touch heralds easier and safer electronic commerce  
Financial Times 1 Nov, 2000 AI in Manufacturing: Software Agents 'negotiate' production schedules  
Financial Times 1 Nov, 2000 Artificial Intelligence glossary: From fuzzy logic to expert systems  
Financial Times, Ireland Survey 24 June 1996 "Found in Translation" Software localisation in Ireland
Financial Times 19 and 22 April, 1994 Machine Translation
bullet"Machines with a gift of the gab" (Technology page)
bullet"Automatic gift of tongues" (Int'l ed, OP page)


Official Report

Research papers for United Nations (UNIDO) Report on technology and developing countries


Speeches (transcriptions and notices)

Congrès de la Presse, (French annual national newspaper conference, in Bordeaux) 21 Nov 2003 L'impression numérique Talk in French on the potential of digital printing for newspapers
Cardiff University School of Journalism 2002 What do newspapers do now: Online after dotcom fever  
Print Industry Research Association (PIRA) June, 2002 Digital Printing  
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. 2001 New Technologies and their impact on newspapers